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#1 R.W.FLAME 50 Electric Fireplace

The R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace is one among the most customizable models available on the market. This allows you to create an ambiance in your own home. This model comes with 12 flame colors and 12 led flame bed colors. There are also five flame speeds and five brightness settings. The R.W. is a decorative model, while some models are only decorative. Flame has a heater that can heat rooms up to 400 square footage. This heater is not included in the Flame package. fireplace heater doesn’t have a thermostat, you can switch between high (1500 watts) and low (750 watts) power settings. The unit has a top-mounted blower fan, but it’s not possible to direct the airflow to a specific spot or location. 

The heater can be operated using touch-screen buttons on its front panel. It also comes with a remote control for added ease. It measures 50x18x3.98inches and has a slim, space-saving design. You can either hang the heater on a wall, or you can have it recessed to give it a more seamless appearance. There are a variety sizes available, from 30 inches to 60 inches.

#2 Touchstone Sideline 50-inch Electric Fireplace

Our number two choice is electric fireplaceSideline 80004 is the perfect model for those who value function, aesthetics, and value. It’s an outstanding model with a ton of options meaning you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to setting the mood. Its sleek frame offers a large viewing area that allows you to get the best out of its aesthetics. It has realistic-looking flames that have five brightness settings and three different color options (orange, blue and blue-orange) – how can you argue with that?

This model comes with both glass crystals and a faux log set – the logs will give you a more traditional look while the glass crystals make it more contemporary. 

While this model is designed for recessing into the wall, you can also wall-mount it – great if you’re in a rental property or don’t want to get a builder in. It comes with both glass crystals and a faux-log set so you can pick which you like when it is set up. It heats up a medium-sized space quickly and is very efficient. It has a remote control, timer, and simple-to-use functions. The only thing it’s missing is a thermostat, but those who’ve bought this model don’t cite that as an issue.

The heat from the Sideline 80004 50-Inch Electric Fireplace is distributed evenly and gently and it’s also very quiet when in use.

Although this model is primarily designed for recessed mounting, it can also be wall-mounted, which makes it ideal if you don’t want to touch your walls or you’re in a rental. 

#3 Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

The beauty and freedom of a freestanding structure electric fireplace is that you can place it almost anywhere in your home—within proximity of an outlet, of course. Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove is small in size, measuring 26.5x22x15 inches. Despite its small dimensions, the Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove can heat up to 1,000 square foot rooms and boasts a 5,200 BTU heater. Since infrared heat maintains a room’s natural humidity, this model is a good choice for those sensitive to dry air.

This electric fireplace earns praise for its realistic flame simulation and user-friendly features. It includes a thermostat that can be adjusted, five flame levels, a clock, and a remote control. The plug has a built-in thermometer and the fireplace will shut off automatically if it overheats—a great safety feature. The Duraflame is available in eight different finishes to match your surrounding décor.

#4 PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace insert with Fire Crackling Sound

If you have an existing fireplace You still want the benefits from an electric fireplace An insert is a great choice. This unit from PuraFlame—complete with a glass front, interior brick wall, and life-like ember bed and logs—provides the aesthetic of a real fire and eliminates the maintenance required. The heater even makes a crackling noise to enhance the experience. The heater can produce up to 1,500 watts of heat, so it is best suited to smaller rooms that are less than 400 square feet. 

This electricInsert includes an adjustable flame and thermostat and a remote control for simple operation. You can choose to use the flame effect with heat or without heat. When the heater is running, the front glass panel remains cool to the touch, so it’s safe for use around children and pets. This particular unit has a maximum width of 35 inches. However, smaller sizes are available.

#5 Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace

The Ameriwood TV and console unit is contemporary with a realistic flame effect fireplace. This model is ideal for those who live in warmer climates because it has dual control. 

Its LED flame effects look very real and there is plenty of storage space to store DVDs, consoles, and your WiFi router.

Its energy-saving LED bulbs give off a whopping 50,000 hours of use, so it’s a long-term, worthwhile investment. It gives off a warm, even heat that warms the room quickly. The downside is that there’s only one temperature setting, but it still scores very highly in reviews.  

It does require two-person assembly as it’s very heavy, but it’s fairly simple to put together. Overall it’s a timeless design and a very efficient, good-looking model so we highly recommend it. 

#6 Muskoka 25-inch Freestanding, Infrared Curved front Stove

The Muskoka 25 Infrared is an infrared panoramic stove that can be freestanding. It has a beautiful rustic aesthetic and a realistic flame effect. If you’re in the market for an electricThis fire looks just like the real thing. It requires some assembly, but it’s easy to set up and plugs straight into a regular plug socket.

On the heating front, this model puts out a whopping 5200 BTUs and can effectively heat up a room of up to 1000 square feet – so if you’re looking for something to heat up a large room like a loft conversion or basement, the Muskoka 25-Inch Infrared is perfect.

It also has a variable thermostat, so you can leave it on overnight and not worry about it.


#7 Walker Edison Glenwood Electric Fireplace

“If you are looking for a furniture piece, then media units (or TV stands) are a terrific option,” says Galinsky. Media units can provide a space for décor, extra storage, as well as a spot for your TV, like this 32-inch tall model from Walker Edison, which has a heat range of 400 square feet. The unit has a 65-inch top that can support up to 150 pounds and ample shelving to store DVD players, gaming systems and books. It has strategically placed ports that conceal wires from electronics.