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#1 Amazon Kindle Oasis

While Amazon didn’t create the first eReader, the Kindle was a revolutionary product in the book industry. There are several options, including our favorite, the Kindle Oasis. This 7-inch device was a flush front paperwhite display with 300 pixels per inch (PPI). Innovative e-ink technology gives it the appearance of real paper. It comes in graphite, champagne gold, and has the option of either 8 or 32 GB storage.

The Oasis, an IPX8-waterproof product, can survive up to 30 minutes underwater. So you can read while you relax in the bathtub or at the pool. The eReader’s ergonomic design and easy page-turn buttons make it stand out. To reduce eye strain and light stimulation, you can change the screen’s color from white to warm amber. The adaptive front lamp automatically adjusts to your environment’s lighting and brightness.

#2 Kobo Clara HD

The Kobo Klara HD might be a good choice if your eyes are sensitive towards artificial light and screens. The 6-inch display features ComfortLight technology and offers a natural, paper-like reading experience. For more comfortable reading at night, the front light reduces blue light exposure. You can also adjust the text to suit you vision by changing font weights or sharpness settings.

#3 All-new Kindle Paperwhite 6.8 inch display and adjustable warm lighting

All-new Kindle Paperwhite – Now with a 6.8” display and thinner borders, adjustable warm light, up to 10 weeks of battery life, and 20% faster page turns.

Paperwhite preserves the paper-like nature E Ink display by shining the light inward towards the screen instead of outward.

You can take your Kindle wherever you want without worrying about water damage thanks to the IPX8 waterproof design.

This ereader allows audiobook fans to seamlessly switch between e book and audiobook. You don’t need to download additional apps to listen to audiobooks. You can also purchase new titles and transfer digital books to your Kindle using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Easy on the eyes – Now with adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber.

It has a 6-week battery life, but it tends to run out very quickly if these features are not turned on.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is available as an 8GB or 32GB option. Your eBook collection can contain 4000 to 5000 eBook titles on the 8GB version, while the 32GB version can hold beefier audio files. This e-reader offers a storage upgrade and allows you to set up individual reading profiles and reading presets.

The beloved navigation button was removed from the Kindle eBook reader to make it slimmer and more compact. Everything can be accessed via the touchscreen except for the on/off button.

#4 Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight Plus

The NOOK GlowLight Plus from Barnes & Noble has a 7.8-inch high-resolution display with 300 DPI (dots per inch). You can read it in either the darkest or brightest natural light thanks to e-ink contrast. The ambient display provides evenly dispersed light that’s easy on the eyes, indoors or outside, at all hours of the day. 

The eReader seamlessly switches between day-to-night display modes. You can adjust the brightness or warmth of the screen to your liking. You can also set the screen to reflect the natural light changes throughout a day. The waterproof design allows you to read anywhere—at the beach, out in the rain, in the bathtub, or by the lake.

#5 Kobo Forma

The Kobo Forma Kindle alternative is lightweight and sleek. It costs about the same as the Oasis and has similar tech-forward features. This eReader is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for both left- and right-handed users. 

You can read books in landscape and portrait modes. It will automatically adjust the orientation according to how you hold it. The Forma is waterproof so you can read in the tub and out by the pool. It has an 8-inch screen and can store either 8 or 32GB.

#6 Amazon Kindle

The standard Amazon Kindle is the most affordable option. This portable device measures 6 inches and is the OG eReader. It is a popular choice among avid readers because of its high-quality design, versatility, and price. 

The Kindle’s glare-free display has 167 PPI. It looks just like real paper even in direct sunlight. You can adjust the front light for comfortable reading at all hours of the day, whether indoors or outside. The battery lasts longer than regular tablets and can be synced to headphones or speakers to listen through Audible.