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#1 Blue Yeti X Professional USB Microphone

If you are looking to Really step up the audio quality in your office, then the Blue Yeti X USB microphone is an excellent choice. The microphone connects to your computer via USB. It has an adjustable polar pattern that will allow you to get the best sound quality possible. It also has audio controls. It even comes with a headphone socket, making it a complete audio solution for your home.

#2 Audio Technica AT2020USB+

Audio Technica is a well-respected name in professional audio, and it has a long history. This microphone is a USB variant of the AT2020. It also has a headphone socket and controls for monitoring your sound. It’s compatible with most computers, has a sleek design and is a great choice for podcasters, teachers or Zoom participants alike.

#3 Apogee MiC Plus

Apogee, another company that music lovers will instantly recognize, is Apogee. Apogee’s MiC Plus has many handy features, including a USB connector, high-quality audio, and more. Not only that, but the microphone also has LED lights on the front to help indicate your levels, ensuring that you’ll always get the best audio you possibly can.

#4 Fifine K669B Metal Condenser Recording Microphone

This laptop microphone can be used for video calls, gaming, podcasting, and podcasting. It is comparable to more expensive models. It picks up sound even from far away without introducing background noise. The stand comes with everything you need.

#5 Bietrun Noise Cancelling Laptop Microphone

This plug-and play laptop microphone works with Windows, Mac, and PS4 systems. This microphone has a mute and surround noise suppression. The included metal stand is heavy and round, so that you can use the microphone hands-free.

#6 TONOR TC-777 Tripod USB Laptop Microphone

Although it is advertised as a gaming microphone, it can be used for any purpose. It can pick up mid-range speech without too much background noise. The included pop filter makes this capability even more powerful.

#7 MAONO P461TR USB Laptop Micphone

This laptop microphone is an essential tool, whether you want to record a podcast, make a YouTube video, or Skype with your boss. The microphone comes with a gain knob, which allows users to adjust mic sensitivity. The microphone also boasts a superb sound quality thanks to its built-in professional sound chipet and 14-millimeter diaphragm conedenser.