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When Apple tried to do that last year, it turned out well, but when Microsoft tried to convince its developers to create ARM architecture apps it ended pretty badly. Now, Microsoft is joining Qualcomm again to try and get developers to re-adapt their applications to ARM64, through the launch of a new and discounted mini-PC designed just for developers. And yes, if it looks familiar to you, you’re not mistaken.

A cheap alternative for developers

The new mini-computer was built in collaboration with Qualcomm and Microsoft, comes with a Qualcomm and Windows 10 built-in processor, and is intended to serve as a development and testing kit for developers.

Microsoft’s hope is that developers will use it to tailor their existing and new applications to work properly on Windows computers that come with Snapdragon processors. This is in contrast to the current situation where the applications are adapted to Windows computers based on Intel and AMD processors in Intel’s proprietary x86 architecture.

Although the price of this developer kit has not yet been revealed, Microsoft promises that it will be an “affordable alternative” for developers compared to other ARM devices designed primarily for the private and enterprise market. So far, developers who still wanted to test their apps on ARM devices had to purchase expensive computers like the $ 999 Surface Pro X. The new development kit should be cheaper, so developers are likely to prefer it if and when they decide to customize their apps.

The Microsoft and Qualcomm developer kit is expected to be available this summer, and developers will be able to purchase it through the Microsoft Store.